Let's talk liberty and about concerns with some treatment protocols

2 years ago

I believe we are at a pivotal point in history in our stand for liberty. In our generation, individual liberty will be passed on to our children or die on our watch. In a large part, that determination will be made by our stand on the mandates being instituted in response to the pandemic.

When the C pandemic swept around the world almost two years ago, everyone was prone to comply with the “government experts” on procedures to shut down the nation to “flatten the curve” of the disease.

As time has passed and information has become available, the lockstep obedience to government mandates has waned. Information from medical experts who are working with patients with prevention and early treatment protocols are proving that the “lockdown or die” scenario originally presented was a false choice.

Join me as I talk with Dr. Richard Fleming, a physician/scientist with 53 years of experience, about the dangers he is concerned about in the current treatment protocols.

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