The Hacker News Website Deleted By Google & Left With No Back Up Reaches Google Mgt On Twitter

2 years ago

Last Friday Google erased The Hacker News Website leaving the company with no web presence. It reversed its decision and reinstated the website after The Hacker News staff reached out to Google employees on Twitter.
Every day Big Tech and Mass Media make it hard to find out what is going on with the internet. Honey Beez and Trip Elix have unique experiences to share in an unpaired podcast experience.
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WinRAR’s vulnerable trialware: when free software isn’t free
In this article we discuss a vulnerability in the trial version of WinRAR which has significant consequences for the management of third-party software. This vulnerability allows an attacker to intercept and modify requests sent to the user of the application.

Google unmasks two-year-old phishing & malware campaign targeting YouTube users
Almost two years after a wave of complaints flooded Google’s support forums about YouTube accounts getting hijacked even if users had two-factor authentication enabled, Google’s security team has finally tracked down the root cause of these attacks.

“URGENT HELP REQUIRED (from Google’s Blogger Team)

Google, for unknown reasons, has deleted website from its service, leaving us with no backups.

Please help us get in touch with the right person at Google.


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