20 Min Keola® Kids Christian Alternative to Yoga | Movement, Identity, Jesus

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2 years ago

Gather your kids (11 and younger) and get ready to move with Ms. Adrienne and Jesus in this engaging and enriching 20 minute exercise video! ​Keola® is a Christian alternative to yoga that shares the truth of Jesus with every movement, offers quiet time with God to reflect on His Word and grow in relationship with Him, and builds strength physically, while training your children (and you - there are adult classes, too) in godliness. Every movement is re-purposed to point to the new identity every believer has in Christ. Kids (and grown ups) experience a lot of confusion around the questions of who they are and what is their purpose. ​Keola® is intentionally designed to ground every individual in the truth of what God says and feels about them, as well as what He's given freely through His Son. Join us as we move and grow in alignment with Spirit and truth.

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"Now we have received, not the spirit of the world, but the [Holy] Spirit who is from God, so that we may know and understand the [wonderful] things freely given to us by God." (1 Cor 2:12 AMP)

Here's a little more about your coach, Ms. Adrienne, and how to keep moving with her. She has stuff for parents, too!
Adrienne Edge
Founder of ProFIT Family Wellness and Independent ​Keola® Instructor

Adrienne aims to educate, empower and encourage children and families how to eat well, move more and be F.I.T. for their calling in Jesus Christ! She offers a fun, on-demand digital library of workouts for kids and adults, live (virtual) after school programs for kids and a book club for adults that includes weekly group discussions and a Keola® moving devotional! Grab details at www.profitfamilywellness.com.

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Why an alternative to yoga? In short: LOVE

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Scripture quotations taken from the ICB.
International Children’s Bible®
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