TFNT11: The FDA's BIG mistake

2 years ago

The FDA has been assuming that nearly all of the adverse events reported in VAERS have been due to "over-reporting" of "background events." In short, there is nothing to see here: it's all noise.

This video proves that that assertion is impossible. It shows compelling evidence that VAERS is actually UNDER-reported by a factor of 4 compared to previous years and the under-reporting factor is 41 for this year.

The video also discloses that the FDA and CDC never bothered to compute the two key factors (the URF and PTR) that reveal the truth. They simply assumed everything was fine.

This was the BIG mistake.

The VAERS data shows, without a doubt, that these vaccines are a train wreck because they kill more people than they save and should have been halted in January 2021 when VAERS was first throwing off extreme safety signals.

However, everyone in the mainstream media, Congress, and the medical community is afraid confronting the truth as it would erode all trust in these institutions. So the deception MUST continue, just like a Ponzi scheme cannot be stopped.

NOBODY will debate my team of experts on this. Pfizer will not defend the safety of their own drug.

Also, if you ask the FDA or the CDC for the analysis they did to determine the URF and PTR, you will be ignored because they never did the analysis that is needed to properly interpret the VAERS data to spot safety signals.

VAERS has been around for 30 years, so you'd think that by now that they should know this stuff. They do know it, but they don't do it to cover up the safety signals. They developed ESP:VAERS which was fantastic, but they canned the project because it was too good: uncovered lots of safety signals. So they pulled the plug on it 10 years ago.

Naturally, nobody in the medical community has called them out on it because otherwise they would lose their NIH grants.

So that's why I made the video... because I don't have an NIH grant and someone has to be the truth teller here that points out that the emperor has no clothes.

All the mainstream media "fact checkers" will focus on attacking me with ad hominem attacks, because they can't attack the data or the methodology. None of the "fact checkers" will actually ask the FDA or CDC the embarrassing questions they refuse to answer like "where is the analysis of the URF and PTR?"

For the slide deck with all the references, see:

NOTE: There is a typo on the slide in the video on the PTR definition. The numerator and denominator should be reversed. So a higher URF this year means a lower propensity to report. The presentation link above has the corrected formula.

For more information about the vaccines including hundreds of pages of analysis that back up this video, please see:
and click on the "vaccine resources" article.

For information on treatments, see the "How to treat" article.

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