Early Treatment is KEY

Published October 6, 2021

EARLY TREATMENT, EARLY TREATMENT and EARLY TREATMENT with effective therapeutics are the three most important keys to surviving C, according Frontline doctors like Peter McCullough, Richard Urso, Ben Edwards, Amy Offutt, Richard Bartlett, Simone Gold and many, many doctors. This is the message from frontline doctors who have actually treated, in the trenches, since early 2020, saving the lives of C patients. Great information on this next video, have a pen and paper handy!

These frontline doctors have treated thousands of C patients with extremely high survival rates. These high survival rates are comparable to the high survival rates of other countries that administered similar therapeutics in EARLY TREATMENT.

Our frontline hero doctors estimate that had the USA C patients received EARLY TREATMENT with the recommended therapeutics, at least 90% of those who died over the past 18 months could have survived the C. Unfortunately the government got in the way.
Throughout medical history, until C came to the USA, the medical community was unified on “preventative and early treatment” as a best practice. Unfortunately, government has inserted itself between the patient and their doctors by discouraging, impeding, and even prohibiting early treatment with the use of safe, effective, readily available and inexpensive existing drugs in favor late treatment with less effective, high risk, and very expensive experimental drugs.
Join me as I visit with Jodi Carroll on her firsthand family experience with her mom. My objective is to share these stories so we can learn from both the success stories, as well as the unfortunate stories.

I appreciate the courage of these surviving family members who are stepping-up to share their stories of abuse, neglect, and malpractice so that others are better equipped to protect their loved one that has the misfortune of being hospitalized.

The bottom line take away from this video - Be Like a Boy Scout - Be Prepared. Follow the frontline doctors recommendations NOW, BEFORE YOU NEED THEM:
1. Find a doctor who will follow the proven protocols of AAPS and Dr Peter McCullough. If your current doctor will not follow these protocols, fire them and find one that does;
2. Acquire the therapeutics recommended by the frontline doctors NOW;
3. As soon as you test positive, no matter how sick you feel, immediately contact the doctor you found in step one; and
4. Begin taking the recommended therapeutics.
The next steps are what I plan to do if I was inadvertently hospitalized, but you and your doctor have to decide for yourself:
5. NO HOSPITAL - I personally, will not under any circumstance go to a hospital for C;
6. NO REMDESIVIR - I will direct the hospital that I am to not be given Remdesivir;
7. NO VENTILATOR - I will refuse to be intubated; and
8. LEAVE HOSPITAL ASAP - I or my wife will do what ever it takes to leave the hospital and go home or to a doctor that will treat my C-19 symptoms with the therapeutics that work.

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