End Times Dates - Take It To The Lord In Prayer Part 3: The Third Temple Abomination

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End Times Dates - Take It To The Lord In Prayer Part 3: The Third Temple Abomination

This video was originally produced and published in September, 2019. Following-up Part 2 with more info, Doug starts by detailing how it might be a Cascadia (mountain range) earthquake that occurs at the opening of the Sixth Seal and what that could look like. The much-talked about end times Jewish Third Temple being built in Jerusalem is the main subject of this video – not only when and how that could potentially occur, but also just as importantly – how, when it is built, it will be constructed in the wrong place. Doug takes you on a fascinating journey through scripture and archeology, effectively proving that the first two temples were not on Temple Mount in Jerusalem – and yet the Third one will be, based solely on tradition instead of evidence.

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Revelation Timeline graphic (Original timeline by The Fuel Project + Dates Added by The Diamond Report, based on www.2028end.com) - https://1drv.ms/u/s!Aku-IsIoYig4q0ItEHpbVEjZoOkP (Click VIEW ORIGINAL for full-size)


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