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2 years ago

Why is it that the United States has one of the best health care systems in the world, and yet is reporting one of the highest number of deaths per million in the world? Could it be our treatment choices? Could it be that most hospitalized C patients who die, do so because of hospital policies not of the C virus?

According to Dr. Bryan Ardis the United States has, one of the highest C death rates, per capita of any country in the world and the hospitals in the United States are the leading (if not the only) current users of a drug called Remdesivir to treat hospitalized C patients. In this interview, Dr. Ardis explains why he is appalled that Remdesivir is even being used to treat covid patient since it was pulled from use when, in a previous trial with Ebola patients, 49% of those taking the drug died. One of the well-known adverse side effects of the drug is irreparable kidney and liver damage

One possible reason hospitals are quick to use Remdesivir is that the Federal Government pays hospitals an "add-on" payment for treatment of each C patient, regardless of whether they live or die. No other therapeutic such as Ivermectin, earns the hospital a bonus.

The World Health Organization has made a conditional recommendation against the U.S. gold standard C treatment drug, Remdesivir, citing that the evidence around the benefits and risks of an intervention are less certain. The National Institute of Health has acknowledged that its effectiveness has not been rigorously studied in clinical trials.

Those theoretical reasons, along with the FDA approval of Remesdivir, incentivized with increased government add-on payments (as much as a 40 percent increase) for the health care industries to use new, approved treatments for C, make it is easy to understand why it has become the primary drug of choice.

It always bears repeating, I am not a medical doctor. Medical studies, like statistics, can often be found to make any point you might want to make. My point in bringing these videos to you is to give you access to differing points of perspective than you may hear from mainstream media. Always check the information provided by me¬–or anyone else¬–for yourself. Do not just take my word for it.

Tune in today to listen to Dr. Ardis discuss the studies that indicate that the top choice of drugs for treatment in the United States has had clinical studies ended early due to the adverse death rate in the studies and could possibly be the primary reason that hospital death rate for C patients is so high.

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