Reiner Füllmich: the pandemic is a global coup d´etate

Published September 24, 2021 44,080 Views

The well known lawyer Dr Reiner Füllmich speaks exclusively to Free West Media on the topic of the pandemic and the draconian measures that many countries have adopted, and how he and others challenge this in court.

Reiner Füllmich is a lawyer from Germany who gathers information about irregularities that are committed in the name of public health during the pandemic. In his carrier, he specializes on representing ordinary people against big companies, and he made headlines when he in won cases against giants like Volkswagen and Deutsche Bank.

When examining the lockdowns, restrictions, covid-vaccines, the PCR tests and other measures, he found that they are not supported by science. He describes that advisors on covid measures who are presented as experts in the media as, in reality are frauds that for example have been given a professorship from private universities, without performing any scientific work.

In this in depth interview, Füllmich also talks about the considerable part of the workforce in the US that refuse the jab because of fear of serious side effects. The fatalities after the experimental vaccinations are severely under reported.

His conclusion is that there are other reasons for the measures than we are told, and that forces that he calls “Mr. Global” use the pandemic to further their own agenda. It has been planned years in advance and serves only to make the already wealthy and powerful even more dominant.

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