TFNT8: Cathy Zhang interviews Steve Kirsch on vaccine safety

2 years ago

Cathy Zhang, Co-host of The Wei & Cathy Show with Sound of Hope, interviewed me for her show. She graciously allowed me to upload the entire interview to Rumble so that everyone could see the full uncut video. I didn't pull any punches.

I call out people in Congress who I've supported over the years who now refuse to engage on this topic including my own representative Anna Eshoo, John Garamendi, and Ro Khanna. Why can't we have a 60 second conversation on the fact that the peer reviewed scientific literature agrees with my analysis that we've killed over 150,000 Americans and that vaccines are nonsensical since for all age groups, they kill more people than they save? Details at (see the vaccine article).

Everyone wants to duck talking about this including the FDA and CDC people responsible for safety monitoring. They simply don't reply or just say "you're wrong and we don't want to talk to you anymore."

That's bullshit. If I'm wrong, show me where I made the error and show me why the peer-reviewed scientific literature is wrong so we can get the papers retracted.

But they won't debate me because they will lose.... badly.

So ignoring me and de-platforming me is their only option. I've left Twitter, but you can find me on Gab where you are allowed to speak the truth.

Please don't get vaccinated. It could end your life or leave you permanently disabled.

DEMAND THAT THEY DEBATE ME instead of CENSORING me or not allowing me to speak anymore at FDA/CDC hearings.

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