A First-Hand Family Experience - Lessons Learned

2 years ago

While the argument about the efficacy and safety of vaccines is at the forefront of the COVID discussions, people are dying in hospitals, not because of the COVID, but because of hospital policy.

Vaccinated or not vaccinated, everyone testing COVID positive, deserves to be treated with the therapeutics (drugs) that work. Since no drug has formal FDA approval for COVID treatment (only emergency use authorization) all doctors should be free to use their medical judgement in using existing drugs, off label.

Unfortunately, most hospitals are refusing to allow their doctors to treat COVID patients with existing, safe, and effective drugs that many private practice doctors have been successfully using since soon after the initial COVID outbreak.

As more people become aware of the available treatments like, Ivermectin, hydroxoycholorine, and Budesonide and the success being achieved through outpatient private practice doctors, they are becoming frustrated when their loved one is hospitalized for COVID where hospital policies prohibit the use of theses safe and effective drugs.

The bottom line is, COVID patients, who make the mistake of seeking help from a hospital rather a private practice doctor, that are successfully using these drugs, are unnecessarily dying.

Fortunately, we now have surviving family members who are stepping-up to share their stories of abuse, neglect, and malpractice so that others are better equipped to protect their loved one that has the misfortune of being hospitalized.

Today, we have the firsthand testimony from Karen Brown. She will share with us how she was lied to by hospital doctors and administrators as they violated strict orders to not intubate and refused to effectively treat her husband who eventually died.

I appreciate her courage in sharing her experience for the benefit of others.

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