TFNT7: Tom Kertscher's bogus "fact check" of my claims of > 150,000 deaths

2 years ago

Tom works for PolitiFact. His job is to enforce the false narrative. He doesn't go into a fact-check with an open mind and intellectual curiosity. He goes into it with an agenda to take me down. He was supposed to fact check my statement that the Pfizer vaccine kills more people than it saves. The two key documents for this are: and this

He never read either of these documents.

I also told him Jessica Rose's paper would be published in a peer reviewed medical journal on 9/24. That article would further provide credibility.

He didn't give a shit. This is not about understanding the science or what I wrote. There are 8 different methods used and it's impossible to fairly evaluate what is there without spending at least 15 minutes asking questions on each method.

Instead of reading what I wrote, he said that the CDC didn't find any deaths caused by the vaccine so that there is nothing to see. Here's his "fact check":

So Tom isn't much of a critical thinker. He determines the CDC must be right because they said WITH NO EVIDENCE (like the analysis of the 14,000 reported deaths) that the vaccine didn't kill anyone.

VAERS is under-reported by a factor of 41 as I show in the paper. 6,000 reported domestic deaths are really 240,000 real deaths and 99% of those are excess deaths.

So if the vaccine didn't cause the 240,000 deaths, then what did?

Tom never reveals that part.

That's for everyone to guess.

I rate Tom's "fact check" false, malicious, defamatory, and irresponsible.

240,000 Americans have lost their lives from these dangerous vaccines so far. With Tom Kertscher's irresponsible fact check, he plays an important role in keeping the truth suppressed so that more people will die.

He won't face me in a open debate. He's scared as shit to debate me because he'll be exposed as as a total fraud.

It's easy to tell who the truth tellers are. They are the ones who welcome challenge and want a debate.

The liars don't like to be challenge and will never accept a debate.

That's what Tom is. He's a liar and he's jeopardizing people's lives.

Had he found a calculation error or methodology error, he'd have my respect.

But it wasn't ever about evaluating the work that I and my team have done have done over the last 5 months. It was all about making a hand waving argument that I should be discredited not on EVIDENCE, but because the CDC said so without producing ANY rational explanation of the deaths.

What killed 240,000 people if it wasn't the vaccine?


Maybe Tom will tell us the answer in his next "fact check."

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