TFNT4: COVID vaccines kill more people than they save

2 years ago

The most definitive study on all-cause mortality is the Pfizer 6 month phase 3 trial report which had 20 deaths in the vaccine group and 14 deaths in the placebo group. So we kill 7 people to save one COVID life. This is why mandates are required. Anyone who looks closely at the data has no interest in taking the vaccine. This is why so many doctors and nurses avoid getting vaccinated: the cost-benefit just isn't there. But they will NEVER admit they were wrong. We will continue to suppress early treatment and keep telling people "the vaccine is safe and effective." It's a lie and nobody will debate me on the data.

We live in a new era where your medical decisions may be mandated by the government or your employer.

If a family member died after getting the vaccine or you have been disabled, please register to get compensation at:

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