Ephesians • 11. Reconciled in One Body

Published September 9, 2021 13 Views

Rumble Ephesians Series • 11. Reconciled in One Body Ephesians 2:11-22 (July 5, 2020) In the midst of the Covid-19 Pandemic, political unrest brought tension and riot to the streets of America. Hatred, racism, and violence filled the streets and the media. In response to all the rhetoric, Elder Bryce turns to scripture to show that all the horrible things occurring in the world are nothing new.  All the things we see are the symptoms of a much larger problem – sin.  Jesus Christ broke down the wall between God and His children. At the same time, He broke down the walls between men. The answer to any tension we have is not found in politics. The answer is the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.

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