The FLOE Show 2: FDA approval of the non-vaxxines; graphene oxide & its connection to 5G

2 years ago

CLAIRE EDWARDS, former United Nations staffer, campaigner For Life on Earth
For Life on Earth:
#ClaireEdwards Uncensored:
The Covid-19 Genocide of 2020:
UN Staff Member - 5G Is War on Humanity:

RACHAEL L. McINTOSH, former Defense Sector Marketing Professional Turned Full Time Author / Artist
Rachael McIntosh emerged in 2021 as a politically unaffiliated candidate for Lieutenant Governor. Previously, she had been appointed to the Rhode Island Geoengineering Study Commission where she researched and produced a body of evidence regarding the government’s formerly Top Secret activity of weather modification. Her work cataloguing and verifying her findings influenced the creation of The Rhode Island Geoengineering Act, which is known internationally as a first-of-its-kind type of legislation.
Rachael’s most recent novel, The Peanut Butter Pipeline, was released earlier this year. Rachael's books are available on Amazon and local bookstores as well as at her website
Shadow Citizen:
Twitter: @ShadowCitizen1
Twitter @EntropyPress
The Rhode Island Geoengineering Act:

JOLIE DIANE, researcher and advocate for environmental protection and public health and safety


The vaxxines are still in open clinical trials: Insights into the European public data on conditional marketing authorisations for the four COVID-19 vaccines (30 March 2021):

Dr Mike Yeadon's & Dr Meryl Nass response to the FDA approval:
FDA “approval letter”:

Pfizer Demanding Bank Reserves, Military Bases And Embassy Buildings As Collateral For COVID-19 Vaccines:

On the legality of a mandatory Covid vaccination:

Fierce Pharma: Moderna locks up Spikevax name in Europe, joins Pfizer's Comirnaty in wait for official brand approval in U.S.

FDA “approval letter”:

Rest in peace:

Biotech analyst says FDA approval is checkmate for Pfizer, 25.8.21:

How the heroin trade explains the US-UK failure in Afghanistan
Western intervention has resulted in Afghanistan becoming the world’s first true narco-state:

France: Criminal Complaint on "Vaccines" (= gene therapy) - Association Réaction 19, 16.12.20:

French study: the vaxxed are magnetic!:

COMMISSION REGULATION (EC) No 507/2006 of 29 March 2006:

FDA authorizes REGEN-COV monoclonal antibody therapy for post-exposure prophylaxis (prevention) for COVID-19:

Paramedic uses meter to measure emissions from vaxxed people & explains many things, 30.6.21:

New World Order Checkmated (Prof. Jean Bernard Fourtillan):

Graphene oxide in all vaccines makes the vaccinated walking time bombs
by Claire Edwards, 26 July 2021:

Who Fact-Checks the Fact-Checkers? (no date given):

Patents on grapheme oxide: “The novel coronavirus vaccine contains graphene oxide”
Nano coronavirus recombinant vaccine taking graphene oxide as carrier

Contamination of vaxxine vials
Stew Peters & Dr. Jane Ruby: German doctors examine blood & vials: horrific, 18.8.21:
Crystalline structures form in Pfizer Comirnaty vaxxine, 9.8.21:
Notes: Cathode-Anode-Cathode structure found in AstraZeneca vaccination vial, 24.8.21:
Dr. Young reveals graphene, aluminium, LNP capsids, parasite in 4 vaxxines, 27.8.21:
Swiss university finds AstraZeneca vaxxine two thirds contaminated, June 2021:
Japan suspends 1.6 million doses of Moderna vaxxine after reports of metal [magnetic] contamination, 26.8.21:
Vaxxine vials 99% graphene oxide to work with 5G, 11.7.21:

Dr Charles Hoffe talks long-term effects of the vaxxines: blood clots, death in 3 years, 15.7.21:

Doctor explains "shedding" or transmission from vaxxenated to unvaxxenated, 27.5.21:

The American States Assemblies:

Common Law:;;

Nuremberg Code, Helsinki Declaration, Oviedo Convention:

"The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the government of China have collaborated for the past 30 years"

Knowledge NOT Sustainable! | UN Agenda 21/2030:

The Build Back Better dystopia described in 2016: "Welcome to 2030: I own nothing, have no privacy and life has never been better, 10.11.16:

CDC is a for profit agency

FDA & Gates Foundation 2017


Pfizer not approved by FDA

Pfizer Hiding Details of Contracts

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