VAXXED Blood Examined, Kids DEAD in Australia, Forced Child Gender Transition and MORE

2 years ago

Dr. Jane Ruby joins Stew Peters to reveal the findings of German physicians that examined the blood of multiple inoculated patients, and the results are HORRIFIC!

Drew Berquist has been deployed to Afghanistan over 30 times, worked in counterintelligence, and joins Stew to discuss what's REALLY happening as the Taliban regains control.

Jeff Younger is fighting for his 9-year-old son, who's mother is FORCING a gender transition into a girl. State lawmakers, the governor and the Court know the situation, PERSONALLY, have the power to stop it and refuse to act! Call Governor Greg Abbott and APPLY PRESSURE! Phone: (512) 463-1828

At least 2 kids are confirmed DEAD after Australian officials herded 24,000 children into a sports arena to get jabbed, without any parents allowed to observe or be present. DeAnna Lorraine joins Stew with the tapes.

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