Mick Stott - Guardian Newspaper interview - The hunter becomes the hunted

Published July 8, 2021 189 Views

Rumble Mick Stott - Explains how Ben from the Guardian came to interview him, but it was very apparent that they wanted to misinterpret The Guardians300 as all questions and suggestions by Ben were focused on the negative and had readers not got access to the full transcript they would of clearly been influenced by how Ben interpreted the conversation. Ben also aligned G300 it to other social media platforms namely Tommy Robinson when in reality we have completely different functions and purpose. Ben also tries to minimise the misinformation created by infiltrators by linking this to 77 brigade, who the general public are meant to believe are completely trustworthy and have our interests at heart and by doing so implies that we are accusing them of conspiring against their own people which is not the case.
At no point during Bens article does he inform the reader of Micks words in that the guardians 300 stand for peace, honour and strength accordingly and that education and inclusion are embodied in his values. Of course there will always be a disruptive element to any side that will misrepresent it and try and hijack it which should never discourage any organisation from free speech.

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