WEBINAR: Vaccine Passports: Gateway to Mass Surveillance

Published July 5, 2021

Are “Vaccine Passports” merely a convenient way of showing that someone is vaccinated, or could they be used to restrict rights to freedom and privacy guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution?

Vaccine Passports are not merely the digital equivalent of the yellow vaccine cards long used in international travel. According to tech experts, the digital platform used by Vaccine Passports is the same platform used by the “Chinese Social Credit System.” It can be used to track and control nearly every aspect of our lives. No matter your opinion on the Covid vaccines—some of us are vaccinated and some are not—such a digital passport system is clearly antithetical to the foundational principles of this country and must not be allowed to take root here.

On the 100th anniversary of the Communist Party of China, join us for an in-depth discussion on the dangers behind vaccine passports and their similarities to the Chinese social credit system.

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