Playing Rock-Paper-Scissors In A Traffic Jam

Published March 18, 2014 1 Plays

Rumble / Funny & WeirdPeople get stuck in a traffic all the time and they are pretty much used to it. Sitting in a traffic blockage can be really dull, but if you are smart enough, maybe you’ll come up with a game to play for time to pass by fast. Just as these thoughtful drivers did in this awesome video.

When the traffic completely stopped, one driver noticed that the two cars in front of him are playing the game of Rock-Paper-Scissors out their windows. He eventually started recording this hilarious moment. This 24-seconds video of the game has gone viral and has been viewed more than 360.000 times on YouTube and other social media sites.

This funny situation was filmed on the highway between Bristol and Bath in the United Kingdom. When the two drivers started playing the game, the rear car got an early lead and won the first two rounds. They quickly managed to play another two rounds and in the end it was 2 to 1 win for the rear car. The match was forced to finish as soon as the traffic began to disperse. However, the YouTube users loved their way of having fun and one even commented: ‘Awesome people! Faith in humanity partially restored.’

Take a look at this genius way to kill time in a traffic jam. Just arrange a game of rock-paper-scissors with the car in front or behind if you notice that the traffic is at a stand-still point. Maybe this is the cure to road rage, who knows!