Social Experiment Has People Stepping Up In Defense Of Bullied Boy

Published December 15, 2017 166,284 Plays $294.57 earned

Rumble / Social ExperimentsBullying has been present in society for a very long time. What was used as an equivalent for the word “sweetheart” back in 1530, today is associated with someone who uses force, threat, or coercion to abuse, intimidate, or aggressively dominate others. People have been scarred both physically and psychologically for life after being under attack from others who feel superior to them.

About 28 percent of children ages 12-18 have reported being bullied at school during a school year. Most schools have a firm policy on bullying, but there are those who claim they are powerless against this plight. Some 160,000 kids refuse going to school out of being bullied.

After the recent events that happened with a boy named Keaton Jones being bullied, YouTuber MattTV decided to conduct a social experiment seeing how people would react if they saw a child being Bullied in public. The results were shocking!

The experiment consisted of a group of teenagers approaching a young boy with a backpack on and ball in hand, approaching him out of nowhere and using coercion and force to intimidate him. Three different cases are present, where every each one of the witnesses didn’t think twice before stopping the bullies from getting violent with the boy.

When they were asked why they chose to intervene, the two women who stopped the “bullies” said that they wanted to do right by someone who otherwise can’t stand up for himself. Just like they would like someone to stand up for their child if they were caught in a similar situation.

Keep calm and say NO to bullying!

When kids or people are saying bad things about someone is because they are insecure about themselves. So, if someone is saying bad things about you or your best friends, family or someone you care, remember it has nothing to do with you and everything to do with them.

Bullies manipulate, they like to have the control and make you feel like you are the one with a problem. Don’t be afraid! Stand up, speak out and take back your life. You are not to blame.

If you ever find yourself in a situation like this, don’t be afraid to stand against bullies. Make a commitment against bullying. Treat others with respect and kindness. Be a person who will stand up and protect someone if he is being bullied and not to be a bystander. Is a responsibility to stop this kind of people!

Everybody has the right to live in a place where they can feel loved, safe, included, valued, and accepted regardless of differences. Treat others as you wish to be treated. Don't simply be kind, but be nice and polite to other people. That can be so fulfilling and rewarding.

Be caring, don't pass judgment, and have respect for others. On the off chance that we would all be able to do this, the world would be a better place. The fact is to instruct this to the next generation.