Driver Avoids An Oncoming Truck On The Highway

Published December 15, 2013 1,069,222 Views

Rumble / Close CallsThis lucky driver experiences one of the closest calls of his life after an oncoming truck nearly gets blown straight into his vehicle! Here we witness a frightening and most certainly life-threatening situation when a driver nearly gets hit by an oncoming truck on the highway. Surely, the road is wet from the heavy rain, and the speed limit is within normal limits, but the collision seems inevitable at first glance! Scary is an understatement! As the truck gets close to the car, it slightly bends to the car's end, and it seems as it's going to crash any second!

Luckily, the driver got away safely, and we're not sure what happened to the <a href="" target="_blank">truck</a>. It is a terrifying moment for the driver to be confronted with the uncontrollable movements of the skidding truck that was hurtling towards the driver. The drivers are driving on a wet and slippery highway. We can’t control the weather conditions but we can control the way we drive. Always be extra careful during severe weather conditions. Storms, heavy rains, gusts of wind, frozen roads could possibly make the travelling difficult, but having your eyes on the road is of immense importance. Never forget that you are not alone on the road and your safety means another driver’s safety, too, Not only you will avoid a terrible crash, but you will also avoid putting other people in danger.

Both the truck driver and the car driver follow the road signs and they drive within the speed limit, however due to the torrential rain and the road conditions, it seems that the truck driver didn’t expect to lean on the other side of the lane since he is driving perfectly safe and slow. But things happen and sometimes we can’t do anything to stop them. Luckily, the driver didn’t do any dangerous manoeuvre that would be only more hair raising and the vehicles passed each other without any incidents.

There are tons of videos with reckless drivers and here we will suggest you to watch the one where a dash cam footage shows the moment when a reckless driver decides to <a href="" target="_blank">violently switch lanes</a> while speeding, nearly causing a highway pileup. This video filmed in Australia shows the moment when a reckless driver tries to avoid traffic by violently switching lanes on a busy highway, avoiding a close call with incoming traffic and almost causing massive highway pileup!

Luckily, the driver from the incoming car had some serious reflexes and knew how to handle insane drivers, so he made a swift movement and avoided multiple-vehicle collision! Nobody likes reckless drivers because they risk their lives and the lives of others just for the sake of adrenaline and thrill. Sometimes they do it because they are in a hurry, but aren’t we all? Bad drivers are often the cause of road traffic accidents and dangerous collisions. Sometimes they are caught on camera performing illegal manoeuvres on the road.

The conclusion? Always drive safe and remember that you're not the only participant in traffic, and everyone is jeopardized when you take thoughtless actions. Drive safe and remember, better late than never.