Truck Almost Flipped By Storm

Published September 3, 2016 5,869 Plays

Rumble / Close CallsThis video, captured in This semi truck driver deserves a medal! Jacob Stokes, Curtis Thomas and Dave Pahlmann recently recorded this amazing footage of a semi truck nearly blown onto its side during storm force winds. The vehicle sped through a roadside fence on the Colorado highway once it came back to ground. Jake told Storyful: “They (truck drivers) had severe wind storm warnings. The highway got shut down shortly after several trailers and fifth wheel campers were blown over."

Despite of the warnings, this big rig went right into storm force winds on a highway somewhere in Colorado, getting tossed about when the trailer starts flipping over on its side. Blowing to about a 45-degree angle, the trailer seemed to be taking the truck down with it. But miraculously, the driver reacts in the most perfect way possible - he steered the truck towards its side and into a field, taking out a farmer's fence in the process.

At least he saved the truck and his hide along with it. storm force winds on a Colorado highway, shows a truck being blown onto its side axles and almost tipping over before smashing out of control through a roadside fence.