Pastor Artur Pawlowski on the Attacks Against the Christian Church

Published June 15, 2021 111 Views

Rumble There is a spiritual awakening happening!

An invisible enemy is being used to divide society and eliminate the middle class leaving us with only two classes of people – 1. Rich/Powerful, and 2. Poor/Slaves. Christians are becoming the enemy of the state in the process. While many churches have strayed away from biblical principles, one pastor is taking a stand.

Join Dr. Hotze and his guest, Pastor Artur Pawlowski, as they talk about the injustice of the attacks against the Christian Church. Artur is from Poland originally, and now pastors two churches in Calgary Alberta, Canada. He also holds over 40 street churches where thousands are fed each week. Pastor Pawlowski has been arrested and dragged through the streets of Calgary for opening his church and holding outdoor services. He has hired lawyers to sue the Government and politicians for this injustice.

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