Smoking Gun in New Hampshire??

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2 years ago

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Philip Stark and Harri Hursti both claim the machines HAD to be reset to the 11/3 in order to make the machine believe it was supposed to act as it did on election day in case there is malware installed. The malware would think any other day its supposed to act as normal.

Their "rebuttal" to this evidence:

More disinformation. Could have been cleared up w/ 1 question. Extra entry is because that machine's bearings seized during tabulation. Procedure to fix: turn it off, pull "ender card" thru backwards, turn back on. All livestreamed, narrated.

Then WHY WASNT IT RESET TO 11/3???? If you knew it had to be run on 11/3 to "trick" the malware, then you should have known to RESET IT when you ran the audit.

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