Billie Beene E 1-171 Nimrod Resurrected!/The Earth is Shaking!

Published May 18, 2021

Rumble It is being reported by Steven Ben-nun that one of the reasons the U.S. Military went into Iraq in the 90's was to secure the body of Nimrod and now his body has been resurrected.

It is now understood that when Nimrod was building the Tower of Babylon that he was not building a tower to reach into the heavens but rather building technology to enter dimensionally.

It is being reported that in Brookhaven on Long Island in New Your is working on a project called Safire which is technology to use like a CERN time machine and replicate the sun on the earth.

God, Bible, Clif High, Juan O Savin intel by Nick Veniamin, Steve Quayle intel by Doug Hagmann, Freedom Force Battalion, Gene Decode intel by Cristenw bitchute, Suspicious Observers, Scott McKay, Monkey Werx.
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