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Billie Beene E1-170 On the Ground Report from Israel/Biden Funds Attacks on Israel!

It is being reported that a large black mass the size of 1,000 earth's close to the sun.

Billie reports on Israel and what areas are controlled by the Israeli government and what is not controlled by them. She reports on other things going on in Israel.

It is being reported that the Biden team is in Vienna giving billions of dollars to Iran to go to Hamas to attack Israel.

God, Bible, Pastor Josh McGee and wife Jen McGee - their guide in Israel during a trip several years ago, Joe Freedman.
David Nino Rodriquez - Here Comes The Boom
Third Phase Moon - What NASA Just Captured Near The Sun Is Beyond Comprehension! 2021
MrBB333 - Looked like a B I G Planet behind the Sun!
Political Geo. Map Israel - Israel / Palestine Map: Who Controls What in May 2021?
First Baptist Church of Clute TX
Truth by Billie Beene E1-168 Khaz Mafia Try to Take Out Israel!
(This is also at https://rumble.com/vgzwyx-billie-beene-e1-168-khaz-mafia-try-to-take-out-israel.html)
Truth by Billie Beene E1-169 Brace for Impact in the US/CA EQ's/Memphis Weapons!
(This is also at https://rumble.com/vh1hx5-billie-beene-e1-169-brace-for-impact-in-the-usca-earth-quakesmississippi-we.html)

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