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Billie Beene E1-169 Brace for Impact in the US/CA Earth Quakes/Mississippi Weapons!

One of the stories being reported on in Billie's report today is the bridge in Mississippi was shut down due to a crack found in the bridge and it was shut down for vehicles to travel on. In addition to this, they also shut down barges going under this bridge. As a result of this, weapons were found on some of those barges.

Dr. Jim Willie who is an economist recognizes President Trump as the Commander in Chief and that America is under Military Rule.
Dr. Jim Willie is also reporting that Governor Gavin Newsom of California is in the process of being arrested. He is also reporting that there are new clones out for Bill Gate and Anthony Fauci.

It is being reported that the CCP has 2 million troops inside the U.S.

Simon Parkes is reporting on the QFS is coming online on a global basis. The U.S. is currently returning to a gold standard. The Cabal tried two times in the past to stop this from happening (1) by the assassination of President John F. Kennedy and 9/11.

Dr. Jim Willie and Simon Parkes and Cristenw in the past are reporting that 2 thousand bankers have been arrested because they are a part of the Cabal.

Currently, the military is fighting the Cabal under Denver Colorado. There are 7 cities under Denver and the U.S. military is currently going through each of those 7 underground cities and fighting the Cabal. Denver is known as the base of the shadow CIA.

Billie has much more she is reporting on in this report and you do not want to miss this report...

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