Critically endangered hawksbill finds a friend on the reef

Published April 27, 2021 25,414 Views $7.23 earned

Rumble / Wild WildlifeThis critically endangered hawksbill sea turtle is a very unique character. Rescued as a hatchling, the turtle spent her first year in a centre where she was cared for by humans. She was released in the ocean in a remote area off an island in Papua New Guinea. Although wild, and completely independent, she responds well to the scuba divers who occasionally come here to explore and to check on the turtles that they released.

This turtle is critically endangered, among a population that has been declining due to illegal hunting and also due to habitat loss and destruction of nesting areas.

This scuba diver was fortunate enough to be among a group of biologists who came to this site. The diver was meeting the friendly turtle for the first time. Curious and unafraid, the turtle latched onto Kristy like they were old friends. She followed Kristy around the coral head, watching everything that Kristy did. Kristy pried some yellow sponge out from between two rocks when the turtle was unable to get to it and the eager little turtle munched away happily.

After a few minutes of feeding this adorable little creature, Kristy made her way back to the boat and up to the surface, saying goodbye to her new friend.

Kristy is a seasoned scuba diver who has explored many waters and she has seen many of the ocean's animals up close, but this was one of the most memorable dives that she has had. You can see on her face that this little turtle completely captured her heart.