sing the Lord a new song (featuring Psalms#95/96)

Published April 26, 2021 1 Views

Rumble i really need to go home & bathe
eating, sleeping, bathing...i suck at that shit
i applaud you for being able to watch this
nobody needs to tell me that i ramble
vortex or no vortex
questioning a politician's promises
the Scripture truly makes sense outta the world
you wouldn't need to push this if you actually believed it
Yeshua...that's Jesus x3
here's my chris farley moment
new chords
God is the only constant
pretend that He's out there even if you don't believe...He will reveal Himself
gambling w/ yer life whether you're addicted to sumin or not
no amy does not need to go to casino
so excited to not have a cell phone at all
gonna be even more off the grid than i am right now
a smart phone is a mini tv/slot machine
way of the world...never understand it (what's new?)

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