sing the Lord a new song (featuring Psalm#93)

Published April 26, 2021 1 Views

Rumble wanna inspire people to find God before it's too late
sinner, failure, fuck up, alcoholic, drug addict with a potty mouth
premarital sex wasn't even worth it
sin is fun 10% of the time
addiction is way too easy
albert hoffman's intentions were not______
anything that can be used for good...
profound experiences OR absolutely nothing
open, honest discussion about drugs
fuck these trucks man, can i get a here here
it ended up being tomorrow night, hahaha self-fulfilling prophecy
so much work to take a shower
fucked up, it's alright He forgives!!!
keep going...Psalm94
buckets of vomit and saline
need a silencer for all my laughter
gonna re-do this, next video

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