Guitar Theory - Minor Pentatonic - House Of The Rising Sun

Published April 18, 2021 39 Views

Rumble In this exercise, we practice the minor pentatonic scale notes,

By using the song, house of the rising sun.

House of The Rising Sun, is like the standard song of all standard songs.

Its a very old song, that is in the public domain,

And that has been covered by everyone.

I suspect this is because the song is such an excellent teaching tool, that music teachers can’t help but to use it to teach music to their students.

The overall structure of the song, including the minor pentatonic scale, and the 12 bar blues beat/rhythm turnaround,

Makes it so that its approachable for a beginner,

Easy to improve for an intermediate player,

And truly a song you can re-interpret every time you play it.

This is a landmark song for any guitar student, especially anyone following these set of beginner guitar lessons from start to finish.

This could be one of the first 5 songs you learn, and will help unlock so much more music in the future.