Kittens go crazy to get at birds & butterflies on TV

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Ivy and Iris are two very lucky cats who live Black Dog Farm and Rescue in Texas. They found their way here after being given away as "free pets" from the back of a truck in a Walmart parking lot. Although well intentioned, the man giving them away had no idea the fate that can befall animals who are dumped in this manner. Many unfortunate animals end up being bait in dog fighting rings, or they become food for snakes or other reptiles. These kittens were rescued and brought to the sanctuary where they will live the good life until they can make their way to carefully selected forever homes.

But in the meantime, Ivy and Iris are finding entertainment on television. Their favourite show involves birds and butterflies moving on the screen. Convinced that they can get at the birds, they paw at the screen, trying frantically to get hold of one. Jennifer, the owner of the farm is understandably amused by the antics as she records the action.

Black Dog Farm and Rescue is aptly named, as their work began with Faline, an unwanted black dog. Many black dogs find themselves abandoned or neglected once the cute puppy stage is over. Most shelters and rescues are filled with black dogs, which are less likely to be accepted and loved than dogs of other colours.

After rescuing Faline, a few other dogs, and a few cats, Jennifer and her husband Jim decided to buy a bigger property and start a proper rescue centre. Now located in Texas, they also take in cows, goats, hens and even guinea pigs. The animals respond well to the love and kindness. Even the cows come running when they are called by name.

Black Dog Farm and Rescue can be followed on Rumble and on Facebook. They post regular updates about the adventures of all their animal family.

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