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From Peters desk...

“I missed my chance……” I learned the other day that I had been missing many opportunities to get closer to Grada.

Yes, you are hearing that correct.

Grada and I met 41 years ago and together we have been through many ups and downs, and recently I discovered that there was more to learn about Grada, things I didn't know.

It is all to do with Freddy our very friendly labradoodle, who likes a bit of fun every time I go outside.

He loves playing with balls more than food.

When it’s time for him to come in at night he wants me to catch him first.
He often races around the yard a dozen times before I succeed and then he makes it look as if I have won!

Well, the other night I tiptoed out the door after my shower on bare feet, in my boxer shorts.

Not a pretty sight mind you! Freddy was in no mind about wanting to go inside at all.

Then I noticed the hothouse door was open so I gingerly made my way over the asphalt, opened the gate, and quickly made a dash to close the door.

But I wasn’t quite fast enough when I heard a rapid pattering of feet scamper past me in the dark.

“Oh no, Freddy had escaped”

I dashed inside to don some clothes and shoes, yelling out to Grada that Freddy had done a runner.

By the time I was out to the drive he was up by the road with a very triumphant grin on his face waiting to be chased, which of course I did.

He stopped every now just long enough for me to gain some ground, then off he’d run again.

After running full pelt to try and head him off as he went through the school ground, only to have him dash out ahead of me once again.

I waited for Grada to arrive in the car hoping she may be able to get in front of him.

With no road sense at all, it was panic stations all around when other vehicles approached.

When he saw Grada approaching he recognized her car and immediately came towards her.

I breathed a big sigh of relief.

But it was again very short-lived.

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