Imperial Beach Pier Sunset - Time Lapse

Published April 11, 2021 27 Views

Rumble Tuesday Febuary 23, 2021

Eveyone loves sunrises and sunsets. They will go out of their way just to see one no matter what it may take to see it. No matter what the condition of the elements, people will always endure what they have to to capture a beautiful one. I am no exception. I was filming in Cornado, CA and decided to take the Silver Strand drive home that stretches between Cornado and Imperial Beach in the South Bay of San Diego. As I was heading south toward I.B., I noticed the sun was only minutes from setting in the west. So I decided it would be great to film it going down through the pier that goes out about a quarter of a mile.I was just in time. Though the wind was gusting and creating problems for me as far a shaking my tripod and making it hard to capture video, I did what I could to minimize the problem.