2 years ago

Rescued calves adorably chase each other like gigantic farm puppies

Nigel and Benny are no ordinary calves. They are part of the family at a magical sanctuary called Black Dog Farm and rescue in Texas. They were originally members of a herd on a large beef farm in Texas. Destined for auction and then to the feed lot to be fattened up for slaughter, these cows did not realize that their days were numbered. But fortune smiled upon them when things changed due to Covid 19. The butchers and slaughter houses could no longer function at capacity and Nigel and Benny quickly became less valuable for meat. The farmer was going to have to butcher them early.

Jennifer and Jim, who run Black Dog Farm and Rescue caught wind of this and they went to see what they could do. They fell in love with these gentle beasts and saw the playfulness and curiosity in both of them. The couple bought them on the spot and brought them to their sanctuary where they would be safe and loved.

Nigel and Benny have thrived here, eating and growing rapidly. They have also learned how to play and run through the pastures and paddocks as if they are gigantic farm puppies. They chase each other endlessly, play with balls, run with the farm dogs and seek out the humans in the family for affection and attention.

One of their favourite games is to run like they have the zoomies, round the hay bales and farm vehicles, and in and out of the buildings. They truly seem to think that they are dogs themselves.

Black Dog Farm and Rescue has been performing small miracles for a while now. They rescue the saddest and neediest dogs, cats, and cows. They have even rescued guinea pigs and hens. They are grateful for any possible support from fellow animal lovers. Please look them up on Facebook and follow them on YouTube and Rumble. And please consider helping them financially so that they can keep doing what they do for our four legged and two legged friends.

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