How to Fight For a Great Marriage - Dr. Greg Smalley

Published March 23, 2021 9 Views

Rumble Constant arguing is among the top five reasons for divorce. One or both of the spouses will feel like they are not being heard or appreciated. Constant arguing is unhealthy for a relationship. However, some conflict is actually healthy in a relationship.

Today on Educate For Life, Kevin Conover has as his guest Dr. Greg Smalley from Focus On The Family. Based on years of counseling, research, and success stories, Dr. Greg Smalley teaches how to use marital conflict as a way to deepen and strengthen relationships.

Dr. Greg Smalley serves as the Vice President of Marriage at Focus on the Family. In this role, he develops and oversees initiatives that prepare individuals for marriage, strengthen and nurture existing marriages and help couples in marital crises. Prior to joining Focus, Smalley worked for the Center for Relationship Enrichment at John Brown University and as President of the National Institute of Marriage. He is the author of 12 books including Crazy Little Thing Called Marriage and Fight Your Way to a Better Marriage, and he is the co-author of The DNA of Relationships for Couples.

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This episode first aired on Sept 14, 2019
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