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2 years ago

The Brainstorm Podcast with fantasy author Clifton Hill is about writing, genre fiction and moral quandries.

Hi, I'm Clifton Hill, Fantasy Author, artist, and web developer. For this episode 0, I want to tell you a little about myself and of what you can expect from the podcast.

I'm an indie author, but what is an indie author? Some would say an indie author is someone that is self-published, but takes what they do more seriously. I've been published since 2014 with 5 books focused on fantasy. I started out in epic fantasy, that's always been my favorite genre in fantasy with the likes of Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and so on.

The podcast will focus on:
⦁ Genre fiction - reviews/analysis; books, but also movies and TV
⦁ Book reviewer for multiple notable sites, including some that are now long dead, and slightly buried. I've reviewed SF Signal, Grasping for the Wind, SFF World
⦁ I like to analyze what I like in a book, what I don't, and why
⦁ Writing tips, break down methods - what works and doesn't
⦁ Sometimes marketing,
⦁ Moral quandries
⦁ fiction is great for looking at life from a different perspective, stepping outside the normal framework of our preconceptions and being able to think with fresh, unbiased eyes. I don't want to just talk about books and media, I want to go deeper. Let's analyze the connections and wisdom we can find within fiction to real life.
⦁ sci-fi and fantasy stories are often of the What-If? And can serve as cautionary tales and opportunities to explore what might otherwise remain the unknown.

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