How To Know America Is a Christian Nation

Published March 5, 2021 19 Views

Rumble Is America a Christian Nation? Is it different from any other country in the world? In today’s culture, these two questions are being hotly debated. Today on Educate For Life Kevin will dig into some facts that will help you answer these questions.

Brazil has had 7 Constitutions since 1822. Poland has had 6 constitutions since 1921. Afghanistan has had 5 constitutions since 1923. Russia has had 4 constitutions since 1918. France is currently on its 15th constitution. America has used the same Constitution for over 200 years. That is more than any other nation on earth. Why is that? Could it possibly be because it contains Biblical principles that make it exceptionally strong?

A majority of the founding fathers believed in the Bible. When framing the Constitution they quoted and referenced the Bible and other writings that also referenced the Bible. One of the most reference writings for the Constitution was “The Two Treatises of Government” by John Locke. In that document, he references the Bible an astounding 1500 times!

Join Kevin for an informative episode that will help you know the answers to these questions.

This episode first aired on September 15, 2018.
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