Media Remains Silent As Biden Administration Opens 'Tent City' To Hold Migrant Children

Published February 25, 2021 189 Views

Rumble The Mainstream Media Is Taking Heat For Failing To Report On A Temporary Tent City That Opened Up Three Days Ago And Is Being Used To Detain Minors.

The Emergency Facility In Texas Was Opened Under The Trump Administration For One Month In 2019 During The Height Of The Migrant Crisis - And Was Heavily Criticized.

Media Outlets Blasted The Administration For Keeping Kids In Cages And Traumatizing Families, However Now That The Biden Administration Has Opened The Same Facility Many In The Media Remain Quiet.

Republicans And Democrats Alike Are Targeting Biden For Opening Up The Tent City - Which Will Hold 700 Children; Some Of Whom Were Bussed Into The Facility Earlier This Week.

In Addition, According To Border Patrol, The Biden Administration Is Holding The Migrant Children In Custody Longer Than The Law Allows.

As Of Monday Officials Held More Than 800 Unaccompanied Migrant Children In Custody. More Than 200 Of Those Children Were Held For Longer Than The 72 Hours Allowed.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaski Said They Have No Choice Because The Administration Can't Move The Children To Other Locations Due To Of Covid Protocols Including Social Distancing. However According To Border Patrol There Is Nearly No Way To Engage In Social Distancing In The Tent City Where The Children Are Being Housed.

The Number Of Unaccompanied Migrant Children Illegally Crossing The Border From Mexico Continues To Increase With Nearly 6,000 Arriving Last Month Alone.

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