How Amy Tamed her Type 1 Diabetes

Published February 24, 2021 5 Views

Rumble Judi's daughter, Amy, was diagnosed 3 years ago with T1 Diabetes when she was only 10 years old. They were given the standard protocol, and praised for eating the "healthy" whole grains, fruits, and so on. The result of the high-carb life was a neverending rollercoaster, constantly managing highs and lows. "How can we manage this for 10, 20, 40 years? What about her future?"

Eventually, she decided to stop the carb madness, switch to low-carb, and their lives changed forever! Now, Amy's blood sugars are stable and managing diabetes is easier and worry-free. As a result, her mood's improved and her A1c is down to 4.8!

Listen to her and her daughter's wonderful journey on how she #tametype1, and learn their methods on exercising and more!

Here is a link to her website:

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