More Than One Million Migrants On Track To Arrive At Southern Border In 2021

Published February 22, 2021 209 Views

Rumble The U.S. Is On Track To Have More Than One Million Illegal Migrants Arrive At The Southern Border This Year, Expecting To Be Allowed Into The United States.
According To Customs And Border Protect, Nearly 80,000 Migrants Tried To Cross The U.S. Mexico Border Last Month, Which Is More Than Double The Number Of Migrants That Arrived In The Same Month Last Year.

Juliette Kayyem, Who Is A Former Senior Official For D.H.S. In The Obama Administration, Wrote An Article In January Saying That With The Numbers That Cbp Is Already Seeing, The Number Of Migrant Encounters For 2021 Will Indeed Pass The One Million Mark.

Kayyem Indicated That She Is Concerned About The Sheer Number Of Migrants Flooding The Southern Border Because She Fears That American Voters - Who May Be Concerned About Lack Of Employment Opportunities During The Covid-19 Shutdowns- May Step In To Stop President Joe Biden And His Reversal Of Trump Administration Policies On Immigration And Border Security.

President Biden Released His Immigration Bill Last Week, That Would Allow The More Than 11 Million Illegal Migrants Currently In The Country To Obtain Immediate Green Cards And Would Provide For A Fast Tracked Process To Become Legal Citizens.

The Bill Is Expected To Reach The Senate This Week, However Biden Will Need 10 Republicans For The Bill To Pass, Which May Be Difficult Since The GOP Feels That The Immigration Overhaul Will Spark More Illegal Immigration At A Time When Unemployment Is High In The United States.

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