Divided we will fall, unless we open our eyes! Child Trafficking

Published February 21, 2021 3,015 Views

John Paul Rice, Independent film maker of The Hunger Games and Child’s Voice (found on vimeo.com and norestrictionsentertainment.com) shares a powerful message about human and child trafficking, and the horrors he’s personally witnessed, that exists in this world because of this billion-dollar industry.

People are but commodities in a supply chain and if we think they (the evil doers) are just going to give up this lucrative gig because a few of us working-class Patriots are becoming aware, we need to think again. People, including our little children are like sugar for their cookies, consumable for their own pleasures. These evil Hollywood gatekeepers have the nerve to accost us about the way we live our lives. They espouse empty words and phony ideologies for a racism free world, equality for all, diversity, tolerance, multi-culturalism, when they willingly partake, and or look the other way when confronted with this filth, just to line their pockets.

I watched this video a couple months ago when it first came out, then when I went back to record it, “Utube” took it down. I couldn’t find it anywhere for a while. I checked again this morning, and there it was. Thank you to Eastern Spectator for getting it up on their site.

So, a few people have been commenting and saying they feel helpless. What can we do? Getting the word out is the first step (in my opinion), coming together in community even if online, and also getting involved locally by knowing what’s going on. It’s important to keep the filth out of local communities. Just like John Paul Rice said, find out who your local sheriff is because that person can keep out the filth. Over the past week, I’ve heard that multiple times, “local sheriff,” “community deputizing,” “they have lots of power at the local level.” I’ll be looking into that. And just in case it needs to be said again, we are advocating for law and order, peace and becoming “in the know!”

Watch his video until the very end and judge for yourself the authenticity. I can tell you that I have looked into UNICEF statistics, true. I saw a few of James Elaf--- (not spelling the entire sick name, the Pizza----- owner) twitter posts, etc. In one of the posts people are at parties where other people are posing as the entrees. They are actually laying on “platters.” It’s disgusting. God knows what’s really happening behind closed doors. These “elites” are sick.

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