Global Warming? - Mike Oard

Published February 19, 2021 85 Views

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Today on Educate For life, Kevin continues the discussion on global warming with guest Mike Oard. Kevin will drill down to the important facts. What factors are contributing to climate change? Can we do anything to mitigate climate change? Are we headed for another ice age? How many ice ages have there been? Our guest Mike Oard will help answer these important questions.

Michael has a Masters Science degree in Atmospheric Science from the University of Washington and is now retired after working as a meteorologist with the US National Weather Service for 30 years. He has researched and speaks on the compelling evidence for Noah’s Flood and the Ice Age that followed, and how the incredible wooly mammoth connects to biblical history. Michael has published many papers in his field in widely recognized journals and has written An Ice Age Caused by the Genesis Flood, Ancient Ice Ages or Gigantic Submarine Landslides?, The Missoula Flood Controversy and the Genesis Flood and The Frozen Record. He is also author of Frozen in Time, The Weather Book and Life in the Great Ice Age.

Tune in to Educate For Life to hear what science actually says about climate change. Mike will demonstrate how the current models for predicting the course of climate change are flawed. He believes that the observed effects of climate change are far less dire than computer models make it out to be.

This episode first aired on July 1, 2017.
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