$15 Federal Minimum Wage

Published February 13, 2021 51 Views

Rumble This unconstitutional mandate would hurt the people they claim to want to help. Why?

Just because the government forces a higher wage, doesn’t mean businesses have the financial capability to pay that wage.
Their budget doesn’t just magically change bc they government says so.

So what happens?
(1) Business cut employees hours: resulting to less hours worked by those who receive the ‘pay increase’
(2) Layoffs: businesses can no longer afford to employ all the positions they did prior to the min wage mandate.
(3) More financial burden for restaurants & businesses as they’ve already been struggling to stay afloat during these tyrannical lock-downs
(4) Low skilled workers will have a harder time finding jobs: businesses will expect higher skilled workers for higher wages
(5) Big business wins: Big businesses like Walmart & Amazon can afford the $15 minimum wage, many small businesses cannot
(6) Inflation: prices go up

This is surface level economics. There’s many studies on this topic. Politicians know better. They’re pandering to an uneducated population & manipulating them emotionally.

What would be beneficial is cutting taxes for businesses. When they pay less in taxes, prices will go down and wages will go up.

The reverse of what a federal min wage mandate would do: prices go up, hours are cut &/or eliminated

Lastly, the government — especially the Federal Government — has no business telling private businesses how to pay their employees / run their businesses.