Love ~ Love ~ Love

Published February 1, 2021 56 Views

Rumble Love, Love, Love… All you need is love. Oh, that is not completely 100 percent true. We think love, that feeling of gushy love, where your heart is pounding and your palms are sweating is such a great feeling. We step into love and think it is perfect, but unfortunately human love is never perfect, and never quite enough to meet our needs. We were created to need God and there is not even one human being on the face of the earth that could meet all of our need to be loved. We are loved so well by God. He is so good to us. His love, is so abundant, so incredible in so many ways that we, human beings can’t even begin to wrap our minds around it. Everything we need now and even unto forever will be met in the love of God. God bless you! Enjoy the love of God. Dig Deeper: