11 American Nations Review: Episode 1 (El Norte)

Published January 26, 2021 43 Views

Rumble Today we discuss the first of the eleven American nations- El Norte. The people of this region, the nortenos, are descendants of the people of Central and Southern America as well as the Spanish settlers. Their ancient roots as well as their rugged and self-sustaining settlements makes them of special interest.

For more information about the Aztec, Incan, or Pueblo peoples, I strongly encourage you to look up the current research going on in the Amazon using Light Detection and Ranging to discover new Incan cities. The National Geographic has several good pieces on this and the implications it has for ancient South American history.

And for more information on the nortenos, please research their role in the Texan Revolution as well as the role they played politically in the1980's and 1990's in Mexico.

Please be aware- this is no the last time we will see el Norte. They will be back in future episodes as we discuss their interactions with the other nations. This is just an introduction. And as always please hit the like button.