The most ROMANTIC market in Thailand

Published January 26, 2021 50 Views $0.01 earned

Rumble Most foreigners never visit these places in Thailand. We are excited to take you to our next travel destination in our "Unseen Thailand" tour. Being an American with a Thai wife is never boring and Grapes had a great idea for our travel destinations today. We always try to bring you the latest Thailand Travel News by showing you what travel is like in 2021 by actually getting out and showing you.
The best way to experience Thailand is to get away from the other foreigners and visit the Local Thai travel destinations and that is what we did in this Thailand travel vlog. So, consider this a Thailand travel update and that things are returning to normal, especially for tourism in Northern Thailand.
Today join Robert and Grapes for a Thai travel destination normally visited by local tourists only. In the Loei province, Chiang Khan Thailand is a hidden gem! Travel with us and you will see why. The Chiang Khan Market is back in 2021, even though a checkpoint told us it was closed! The market is as good and amazing as ever. I call it the New Orleans of Asia and it's 1/4 Kilometer of the most amazing Thai Food, interesting shopping and beautiful Inns in Asia.
We hope you enjoy this video "Most Foreigners NEVER visit these places in Thailand".