Stealing America: The Long Game (video 10) The Act of 1871

Published January 25, 2021 307 Views

Rumble Today, January 22, 2021, we dig into the 1871 Organic Act of 1871 to investigate how it may apply today. We look into the incorporating of DC and how that could have impacted decisions from that point forward.

Did that “Organic” act have a domino effect on anything that happened after? Or was it just an act to incorporate DC. Well, if you consider 1909, 1913, 1942, 1944, 1971 and today, you might think again. It seems someone or some entity may have been playing a long game to steal America, or not. Judge for yourself.

As you can tell, we are not scholars but just every day Americans (we are Hawaiian Americans) trying to make sense of this crazy time.

President Donald J. Trump left the office of the Presidency, but is he really gone? Does anyone think Donald J. Trump is that kind of person to simply give up and play golf for the rest of his glory years? Whatever the answer, God is still on the throne, and we should come together, support each other, and stay in the know. We are no longer sheep. We are no longer silenced. We have hope. We will never stop believing and having faith that God will never leave our country.

If you felt betrayed or angry, you are not alone; there is hope! First thing we need to do is build a strong coalition so that when we speak, we speak as a united voice, and the people we speak to, actually listen.

Although this video series is made by Trump supporters, it is made for all. We're not asking you to believe everything we say, just asking you to have an opinion. Why are we losing our freedoms to pray, to gather, and to work? Think about it.

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