Making a Comeback

Published January 23, 2021 30 Views

Rumble In a devotion I’ve been reading by Tony Evans called “Making Your Comeback”, he wrote the following intro:
“There’s something about a prolonged crisis that drains the hope out of you. It’s like sitting in an emergency room and waiting for your name to be called, only to watch everyone else go in one by one. If you aren’t careful, your feelings will soon dominate your faith, and you won’t have the strength to get up when it’s time to move. You will lie face down under a pile of unmet dreams and expectations.”
You can read the rest of this devotion here:
Are you losing hope?
Are you becoming impatient?
Have your feelings overtaken your faith and robbed you of your strength to move forward?
Have unmet dreams and expectations kept you down?
There is a way to make a comeback!

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