Stealing America: The Long Game (video 6)

Published January 19, 2021 1,773 Views

Rumble We are in a battle of good and evil. The selfish, corrupt, dirty individuals in our highest places of power do not want to give up power over us, the working Americans. Make no mistake they will fight. We must fight back; we must not fight back with guns and violence, but by keeping ourselves united. We must first know what is going on! This video series is seeking to inform, so we can unite as God’s people. This evil is infecting citizens across America and the world. We believe that greed, the quest for control, power and money is driving the vitriol. What can we do to quash this evil? We can pay attention, not allow our freedoms to get taken from us, rally together, pray and love.

Don’t be fooled by the narrative that rich, selfish, self-absorbed elite are telling you through the main stream media who believe you are nothing but a commodity. The system has been rigged against us for a hundred years. Ever wonder why you can’t ever get out of the rat race? Well, if you’re the rat, that’s all you’ll ever be—to “them” anyway. They have their own agenda, which is ultimately power and control over all of us. Wait until we tell you the story behind 1871. The roads all lead back there. But for now, you have to know the general facts about what’s going on today. The facts will make you sick! Watch the series from the first to the last. The facts will make you sick, but the fact you got the info, the better off you’ll be.

From the moment Donald J. Trump and Melania Trump rode that escalator and announced his candidacy, people were out to destroy him. Is it just him, or is it something more? No matter if you like POTUS, or can’t stand him, it’s worth a few hours of your time to review some of what’s out there to help you gather your opinions.

Scott McKay continues to share his insight, and he is SPOT ON! If you haven’t seen video 4, go there first. We’re showing the first part of this very powerful, informative broadcast.

Although this video series is made by Trump supporters, it is made for all. We're not asking you to believe everything we say, just asking you to have an opinion. Why are we losing our freedoms to pray, to gather, and to work? Think about it.