Another Holocaust Reference in Reverse Speech Connected to What Appears to be the Chabad Mafia

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Rumble My name is Tiffany Fontenot. I'm a Certified RS Analyst trained by David Oates, its discoverer. David's theory & method've been studied by the CIA. Find RS in CIA's Rdg Rm. RS is always true, is an involuntary system, & we start speaking it at 4 mos old.
RS appears to come from the same place as our dreams and body language. Many of the metaphors for Reverse Speech also show up in our dreams, so by learning to speak in metaphorical language the way we do in our RS, you will likely become better at interpreting your dreams at the same time.

Video- Reverse Speech in Children-

In order to understand this reversal in the larger context, you might like to watch 3 previous videos I've done because I've just found a Guy in DC showing us around via his video recording on his phone where the military is whose RS is pointing to the nut ball cult Chabad Mafia.
Vid 1- 20 mins-
Vid 2- 35 mins-
Helpful URL for People to understand who Chabad is compared to other Jews described by Jews-
Vid 3-
And, this video that includes Jack Dorsey’s recent RS will likely help as well-

***Please check back later to see if this Google Drive link has been updated because I may do a few more reversals from David Nittolo.
****How to Read the Transcript:
F= What was said forward
R= What was said in reverse.
[Brackets are around the exact forward speech where the reversal was found] followed by time indicators and the interpretation.

The Transcript:
The source I used for my recording is a FB video of the situation in DC from Saturday, Jan. 16, 2021.
David Nittolo’s reversal is:
F100: [I wanna show y'all something. See this?]
R100: Furtive, help Messiah our sho'ah.
F = 0:03:31 to 0:03:34, R = 0:03:31 to 0:03:34
- Connected to David wanting to show us something is secretive help for a Messiah connected to a Holocaust. So, the reversal may be talking about David himself and/or be connected to the military action being taken in DC. Sho’ah means Holocaust in Hebrew.
- This sounds like that nut ball Chabad Mafia cult where they are trying to bring forth their Messiah by causing destruction.

- Short Videos are below to aid understanding what this reversal appears to be talking about and the history behind this Cult Mafia today.
- Hastening Moshiach (Messiah)-
The Unholy Trinity Jewish Messiah-
My last interview-
My last project- Look under the video for the RSA and more info- Justin Trudeau, Agenda 2030 and connected reversals. You might like to have two devices, one to watch our vid, then one to follow along with me in the description box below the video, then pause to explore further & play as you like.
Coming Soon From Our Still Small Voice: The Curious Case of Peter Khoury's Alien Rape-
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